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13/08/2021 - 15/08/2021
Pershore College, Pershore College Campus, Avonbank, WR10 3JP
07487 606964

Pershore Jazz Festival – Cancelled

It is with a very heavy heart that the Committee of Pershore Jazz has resolved to announce the cancellation this year’s Jazz Festival planned 13th – 15th August.


The lifting of the majority of COVID restrictions from the 19th July was initially seen as an indicator that we could proceed with the Festival as planned. However, the increasing COVID infection rate and the necessity to follow government guidelines for, not only those who contract the infection, but also those who have been in contact with infected persons, adds detrimentally to the ‘Risk’ factors. The loss of any of our committee, performers or volunteers would impact significantly on our ability to run the festival safely.


We are also apprehensive and concerned about the possibility of more stringent restrictions being applied just before the Festival date. These would force a late cancellation of the Festival with increased financial liabilities.


We wish to thank all the musicians and suppliers who have so willingly agreed to support the event and for the desire of our audience to see it delivered and enjoyed which is evidenced by the volume of advance ticket sales indicating that the event would be financially viable. In accordance with the Festival’s terms and conditions all advance ticket purchases and College accommodation bookings with be refunded in full. Given the size of this task we seek your patience.


Whilst we can anticipate the disappointment this decision will invoke, we can assure you that the Committee share it too, given the hours of work that have gone into formulating and administering the festival this year. We also acknowledge the implications of the decision upon the expectations of the performers, all of whom were keen to see us succeed, and had scheduled their time to present their skills and talent and enjoy some much-needed applause, appreciation and reward.


It is hoped that you will applaud our joint efforts in attempting to deliver the festival in these trying and unprecedented circumstances. We gave it our best shot, nearly achieved our goal, but the health and operational demands prompted by COVID have proved too great a risk for our small team of volunteers. The truth is that COVID won in the penalty shoot-out.


Pershore Jazz Committee